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About Miche'

A southern girl through and through, Miche'(pronounced Muh-Shay) was born and raised in Gautier, MS and jumped over to Troy, AL to receive her Bachelor's in both theatre and dance from Troy University. Miche' grew up wanting to be just like her mother and aunt dancing, acting, singing and storytelling in her living room to anyone willing to listen and began training at the same dance studio at the age of five. This sparked the flame thus leading her to chase a life in the enterainment industry in  pursuit of telling stories all across the globe that inspire and empower others. Some of Miche's favorite stories to tell have been Nora in Dollhouse, Minnie Dove Charles in Flyin' West, and Flotsam in The Little Mermaid. Miche' also loves sharing herself through movement as a performer and choreographer and her work has received numerous recognition and acclaim. When she's not creating, Miche' loves to dive into the abyss of YouTube, try new yummy foods, and spend time with her loved ones!
"my heart is in my mind. i think this is why i am an artist."-Nayyirah Waheed. 
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